Fox 40 SICK Mouthguards can be purchased at a local retail store or online. They are available in North America only. Fox 40 SICK Mouthguards have a do-it-yourself impression kit that allows the athlete to take their own impression and mail it to the Fox 40 SICK Mouthguards Production Lab in a prepaid postage carton. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions on taking the impression, 1 set of putty and 3 different trays sizes (for finding the size that fits the athlete’s mouth best).The kit also comes with a Fox 40 GrippGuard, providing the athlete with a temporary mouthguard until their custom mouthguard arrives. There are many colors and styles to choose from and an endless combination of designs. A specific team design can also be created as long as Fox 40 has approval to use the logo.

Fox 40 SICK Mouthguards are a pressure laminated mouthguard; this type of mouthguard represents leading-edge technology in custom protection. They are layered under pressure to give the best overall protection and fit. These mouthguards will fit tighter and last longer than other mouthguards. The athlete will be able to talk, breathe and concentrate on their sport without having to worry about your mouthguard falling out.


There are currently four types of mouthguards on the market today; pressure laminated, vacuum formed, boil and bite and stock.

Pressure Laminated Mouthguards
Pressure laminated mouthguards represent leading-edge technology in custom protection. Each mouthguard is produced by pressure-forming multiple layers, each shaped separately over a customized mold of the athlete's teeth. Controlled thickness offers protection in areas where it is needed most. A custom made multiple layered pressure laminated mouthguard can be modified for full contact sports by laminating two or three layers of EVA material to achieve the necessary thickness. They are durable with a tight, comfortable fit. They allow the athlete to breathe and speak easily. The Fox 40 SICK Mouthguard is a pressure laminated mouthguard.

Vacuum Formed Custom Mouthguards
Vacuum formed custom mouthguards are created from an impression of the person’s teeth and gums. They are custom made by a mouthguard clinic or dental clinic. They allow the athlete to breathe and speak easily.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards
Boil & bite mouthguards are relatively inexpensive and convenient to buy. The material is softened in boiling water and then formed on the upper teeth providing a more comfortable and custom fit. The Fox 40 FlexxGuard, GrippGuard, ShokGuard Pro Lip, RaceGuard, Master Mouthguard, Superior Mouthguard and Heat Alert Mouthguard are boil and bite mouthguards. CLICK HERE for more information on Fox 40’s boil and bite mouthguards.


Fox 40 SICK Mouthguards are a custom mouthguard that can be created in any design. CLICK HERE to see examples of custom design options.


Fox 40 SICK Mouthguards can be purchased at a local retail store or online, on Fox 40 SICK Mouthguards are available for purchase in North America only. For bulk ordering information, please e-mail